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Symptoms of bad breath

Bad breath can have a profound impact on your lifestyle, relationships, and wellbeing. It can not only cause a loss of confidence and a lack of self esteem, but can lead to social anxiety and embarrassment.

For those that suffer from bad breath, everyday interactions with work colleagues, family, friends, partners and the general public can be stressful reminders of the oral odour they are emitting. In fact, apart from being a common workplace gripe, a study conducted by the Australian Dental Association found that 83% of Australians listed bad breath as their biggest ‘turn-off’ on a first date.

How does freshkiss®   work?

When you brush your teeth with freshkiss® our safe active ingredients Sodium Chlorite and Aloe Vera naturally reacts with compounds in your saliva in your mouth to produce a very safe but powerful oral anti bacterial agent that kills 99% of the harmful bad breath bacteria that causes Bad breath, gum diseases and Halitosis. Sodium Chlorite is very safe naturally reactive ingredient that has been used around the world for over 60 years to purify your drinking water that you drink every day.

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What causes bad breath?

Essentially bad breath (halitosis) is created by the odour that’s emitted during the breakdown of food particles by sulphur-producing bacteria on the tongue and throat. While there can be many additional underlying causes to bad breath, the most common factors include smoking, poor oral hygiene leading to gum disease and tooth decay, or a dry mouth caused by certain foods, alcohol or medication.

Bad breath can sometimes be caused by medical conditions or health issues including kidney failure, chronic sinusitis, metabolic irregularities, respiratory infections, stress, and acid or bile reflux. It’s important to consult with a healthcare professional if you believe your bad breath may not be triggered by lifestyle factors or dental hygiene to ensure you don’t have an underlying health problem.

What are the symptoms of bad breath?

Apart from the obvious unpleasant odour, there are several other classic symptoms of bad breath. You may experience one symptom, or several.

  • A sour, bitter or metallic taste in your mouth that doesn’t disappear when you clean your teeth.
  • A white coating on your tongue, especially towards the back.
  • A dry mouth.
  • Thick saliva or a constant need to clear your throat.
  • Post-nasal drip, or sinus.
  • A build up around your teeth and gum line.

If you suffer from bad breath, you’re not alone. Halitosis affects an estimated 25% of people globally. While there are a number of treatments available for bad breath, it’s important to identify the underlying cause for long term results.

freshkiss® is specially formulated to target the harmful odour-causing bacteria in your mouth and is a proven oral hygiene system designed to refresh your breath and boost your confidence long after you’ve treated the cause of your breath odour.

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