How to treat bad breath with Freshkiss

4th September 2018

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Bad breath can have a profound impact on your lifestyle, relationships, and well-being. It can not only cause a loss of confidence and a lack of self esteem, but can lead to social anxiety and embarrassment.

For those that suffer from bad breath, everyday interactions with work colleagues, family, friends, partners and the general public can be stressful reminders of the oral odour they are emitting. In fact, apart from being a common workplace gripe, a study conducted by the Australian Dental Association found that 83% of Australians listed bad breath as their biggest ‘turn-off’ on a first date.

3 simple steps to treat bad breath

  1. Clean your teeth at least twice a day, we recommend using our fresh breath toothpaste and to use floss or an inter-dental cleaner to remove food particles that may be trapped between your teeth. Don’t forget to replace your tooth brush every two to three months, or when the bristles appear worn.
  2. By brushing your tongue thoroughly you are helping remove harmful odour-producing bacteria. Tongue cleaners can be purchased from Freshkiss making your tongue cleaning an easy extension of your daily oral hygiene routine.
  3. Use an alcohol free mouthwash after brushing your teeth, this ensures that you flush out any remaining food particles between your teeth and also helps kill the bacteria in your mouth and back of your tongue. You can purchase our fresh breath mouthwash online now.

Scheduling a dental appointment every six months is an essential step in preventing bad breath, and minimising the chances of it reoccurring. Your dentist will give you a thorough oral examination to check if you have any signs of periodontal disease or tooth decay, combined with a professional clean. Once you’ve undergone any required treatment to remedy dental issues that are causing bad breath, it’s simply a matter of committing to biannual maintenance appointments.

freshkiss® is the first toothpaste and mouthwash oral health care system made in Australia to use the active ingredient Chlorine Dioxide combined with our other quality ingredients to help freshen your breath by reducing the amount of odour causing bacteria in your mouth. All our products are FREE from alcohol and sulphates! Twice daily use of our toothpaste and mouthwash will give you fresh breath you can trust!

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